Worldwide Leader in Transportation Glazing Technology



Worldwide Leader in Transportation Glazing Technology



Worldwide Leader in Transportation Glazing Technology



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PCQ Technologies has become the world’s leading manufacturer of high grade, optical quality polycarbonate glazings for use in multiple vehicle applications.

Through extensive research and stringent testing, PCQ Technologies has developed end-to-end manufacturing solutions to provide glazings for E-vehicle markets worldwide. Top grade polycarbonate with Quantum® hardcoating delivers a finished product with abrasion resistance that meets or exceeds DOT and ECE R43 standards. This combination of material, coating, UV blockers, graphics and extensive forming abilities delivers a total solution that automotive glass cannot.

PCQ Technologies has unparalleled expertise in producing large windshields, canopies, doors, and other enclosures for the world's electric transportation, utility and industrial vehicle market.


Bio-Hybrid EV

PCQ Technologies' extensive polycarbonate manufacturing capabilities and their exclusive Quantum hardcoating are reasons why the company is excited about the future. Barry Willey, President and CEO states that "Polycarbonate performs in a way that automotive glass simply cannot. Our products are a demonstration of our technology, and we see great opportunities for enabling and advancing these future vehicles."

PCQ Technologies has the innovative design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to stand behind their claim: The Worldwide Leader in Lightweight Transportation Glazing Technology™.

Quality Inspection

Company Expertise

  • The Experts in Quantum® Hardcoated Polycarbonate
  • E8 43R - 019577 L-Class certified
  • USA DOT AS2-AS7 compliant
  • Wiper Tested to Over One Million Cycles in Wet/Dry Conditions
  • UV Protective Coating
  • Brand Graphics Sealed Under Hardcoating
  • Polycarbonate Strength and Impact Resistance
  • Light Weight (56% Lighter Than Glass)
Kawasaki KRX Roof
Weight Difference
EV Watercraft

Industries We Serve

  • Low-Emissions Commercial Transport
  • Government/Municipal Vehicles
  • E-Powered Personal Transport
  • Construction Equipment
  • Farm/Off-Road Vehicles
  • Recreational SxS UTVs
  • Lightweight Aircraft
  • Lightweight Watercraft
  • ...and More


EV Buses
EV Aircraft
Materials Testing

Integrated Solutions

  • Full Product Design and Engineering Capabilities
  • Complete Process Manufacturing
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • Clean-Room Hardcoating
  • UV Curing and Testing
  • Silkscreen and Inkjet Graphics
  • Thermoforming and Injection Molding
  • Start-to-Finish Quality Control



Materials Testing
Optical Quality Test

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